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A train journey from Beijing to Almati

In July 2005 we made a traintrip from Beijing to Almati in Kazachstan. We hopped from city to city. On these pages some of the stationbuilings, locomotives and other railway equipment that we encountered along the road.

From Xian to Lanzhou, 27-07-2005
From Xian to Lanzhou, 27-07-2005
Lanzhou Railway Station is located in Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu Province along Huochezhan Dong Road (火车站东路). Opened in October 1952 under the jurisdiction of the Lanzhou Railway Bureau. It handles both passenger and freight as a Chinese classified first-class station. It is served by the Longhai Railway, Lan-Xin Railway and Baotou-Lanzhou Railway. The average daily handling capacity is for passenger trains is about 100 trains, including various types of originating and through passenger trains The station building has an area of 18,006 square meters, with a total area of 33,528 square meters with the outdoor square. It has been designed to hold 6,000 waiting passengers. It is served by an elevated footbridge across the lines, arrival and departure car ramps, escalators and central air-conditioning, electronic ticketing and an electronic-oriented information inquiry system. The outdoor station square hosts a large replica of the ancient Galloping Horse on a Flying Swallow statue, a symbol of Lanzhou. Lanzhou station has 5 platforms and a total of 12 shared tracks (passenger and freight). Future high speed train services to east to Xi'an and west to Urumqi, currently under construction, will bypass this station via a tunnel to Lanzhou West Railway Station, 8 km to the west. Source: Wikipedia

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