Railway stamps of Belgium
be1197: train and ostend armsbe1563: E. Walschaerts (locomotive engineer)be1584: electric train and railway bridgebe1609: goods train
be1611: tracks Zeebrugge Harbourbe1651: mail trainbe1855: winged railway wheel in 'Transport'be 2108: mail train
be2274: 'UIC' (International Railways Union) on coupled wagonsbe2445: modern electric trainbe2446: underground train, Brusselsbe2520: railway signal as arrows on map of Europe
be2650: railway parcels stampbe2745: horse trambe2746: electric trambe2747: tram with trolley
be2754: graphic representation of Midi railway station, Brusselsbe2757: 'Night Trains' (p> Delvaux)be2779: electric commuter trainbe2826: class '18' steam train, 1896
be2827: locomotive 'Elephant', 1835be2828: class '23' tank engine, 1904be2829: class '1' Pacific locomotive, 1935bems2830: class '27' electric locomotive
be2834: aerial view of Zeebrugge harbour showing railway tracksbe1997-1: ????be1997-2: ????be1997-3: ????
be1998-1: ????be1998-2: ????be1998-3: ????be1998-4: ????

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