saw mill tree carriage

The use of rails and carriages in the way we see in this picture may be older than that for railways. Silbertal, Austria, October 2000.



This poster we found on the wall of a pub in the centre of The Hague. The Hague, 4-3-2001

Car train

car train Martigny, June 2001

In Martigny you can tour the city with this funny car train. Martigny, June 2001.

Cable Car carriage

cable car carriage

In Evian (France) this old cable car carriage is used as a decoration for the roundabout. Evian, June 2001.

Childrens drawing

cable car carriage

In the Lesce railway station i8n Slovenie I found this childrens drawing. It is clear that he station is located on the line to Munich. Lesce, July 2006.

Gasthof Schmelz

cable car carriage

gasthof Schmelz uses this old tram car for advertizing. bergtesgaden, July 2006.

playground train

cable car carriage

In the playground of our camping in Bohisjka Bistrica children could climb this steam locomotive. Bohinsjka Bistrica, July 2006.