Railway stamps of France
rf572: electric trainrf573: streamlined steam locomotiverf821: mobile postoffice van, 1844rf1107: travelling postoffice sorting van
rfrf1140: Garabit raiway viaductrf1466: Chaumont railway viaductrf1723: globe and railway tracksrf1737: steam train
rf1761: Morlaix railway viaductrf1865: hovertrain Orleansrf1907: Austerlitz railway station, Parisrf1949: japanese 'Hicari' electric train
rf2055: turbotrain TGV001rf2084: underground train, Parisrf2185: Paris Metro constructionrf2284: railway carriage and Armistice monument, Rethondes
rf2641: TGV mail trainrf2746: steam locomotive, Mulhouse Technical Museumrf2748: underground train in tunnel and Fulgence Bienvenue (designer of Paris Metro)rf2829: two-car electric train
rf19__: who knows what this is?

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