Railway stamps of Switzerland
chj56: tracks at Silvaplana Lakesch352: Louis Favre (engineer of St. Gotthard Railway)ch353: Alfred Escher (President of ST.Gotthard Railway)ch354: Emil Welti (founder of St.Gotthard Railway)
ch357: tracks at Chillon Castlech359: Gotthard Railway, Lavorgo-Giornicoch361: railway viaduct Schaffhausench373b: tracks at Chillon Castle
ch373c: tracks at Chillon Castlech490: tracks at Chillon Castlech375b: tracks at Landwasser Viaduct, Filisurch377: railway viaduct Schaffhausen
chj89: railway viaduct Freiburgchj100: Niklaus Riggenberg (rach railway pioneer)chj112: Ludwig Forrer (railway director)ch474: Rorschach station
ch475: Luen-Castiel railway stationch476: Fluelen railway stationch477: first Swiss steam locomotive Limmatch478: stream freight locomotive
ch479: electric train crossing Melide causewaych480: trains on raailway bridgech511: Sitter viaducts near St.Gallch512: mountain cog railway Rocher de Naye
ch513: rotary snow plowch515: Melide railway causeway, Lake Luganoch518: goods wagons on dock, Rhine harbour, Baselch520: railway viaduct, Landwasser
ch563: Grandfey railway viaduct, River Saanech568: electric train emerging from Simplon Tunnel and Stockalper Palacech577: electric train emerging from St. Gotthard Tunnelch597: electric railcar
ch659: electric TEE trainch661: Jungfraujoch railway stationch672: electric train on Luegelkinn viaduct and tunnel, Lotschberg Railwaych754: railway wheel emblem of CentralOffice for International Railway Transport
ch825: signal box switch tablech865: Berne railway stationch921: St.Gotthard railwaych1017: voltage regulator from Jungfrau Railway's power station
ch1021-1022:class C4/5 steam locomotive and classRe6/6 electric locomotivech1048: articulated tram, Zurichch1055: Niklaus Riggenbach's rack and pinion railwaychj286: toy steam locomotive
ch1076: railway conductors equipmentch1112: interior of railway sorting carriagech1122: electric train, Geneva airport rail linkch1159: Rhaetian railway diesel train crossing viaduct
ch???: new 1997ch????: new 1998ch???: new 1997ch???: new 1997
ch???: new 1997ch???: new 1997

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